Goods Lift

scissor goods lift

Scissor goods lift types

Scissor goods lift introduction: Scissor goods lift is scissor structured hydraulic goods lift. According to it’s different usage, we can make it to be many types. Below are the introductions of these types. Firstly, scissor dock lift type. When the table lifting height is small, and use the lift for loading cargo between docks and

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hydraulic goods lift

3 Hydraulic goods lift installation differences between interior and exterior

  Hydraulic goods lift can be installed both interior and exterior of the building. People can use it for cargo or goods lifting in warehouses, workshops, basements and any other industrial buildings. There are some differences between installation of interior and exterior. Firstly hydralic goods lift dimension. Usually, if the lift is for interior, it

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mezzanine goods lift

Mezzanine goods lift customization

Mezzanine goods lift is widely used in industrial area, such as warehouses, plants, and workshops etc. With lower cost and maintenance-free features, more and more clients are looking for mezzanine goods lifts from Himor Machinery.   How to customize a mezzanine goods lift for your sites? Firstly, do measurement of your site, including shaft size(opening

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Freight elevator with hydraulic system

Freight elevator lift is mainly applied for cargo lifting between different floors. Himor Freight elevator is equipped with hydraulic system which contends hydraulic cylinder, tubes, pump station etc. People can install such hydraulic freight lift both inside and external the building.   Below case is a indoor hydraulic freight elevator from out customer. Main configuration

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