3 Hydraulic goods lift installation differences between interior and exterior


Hydraulic goods lift can be installed both interior and exterior of the building. People can use it for cargo or goods lifting in warehouses, workshops, basements and any other industrial buildings. There are some differences between installation of interior and exterior.

Firstly hydralic goods lift dimension.

Usually, if the lift is for interior, it might be in a shaft. So the lift dimension needs to fit the shaft size. Even if not in a shaft, the lift installation space are not as much big as exterior. So we need to pay attention to the lift dimension.

Secondly lift encloser.

Usually when the lift is for exterior, people needs to install a encloser outside the warehouse goods lift for protection. If the lift is in the shaft, then only need to fix with some wire meshes on each floor. If it is outdoor, then people ask for full enclosed wire mesh or other materials to cover the lift.

Thirdly pay attention to the electric power units.

If the lift is for exterior, we need to make sure the power unit is covered and be protected from dust and rain. Himor can provide big cover box for all power units.

In conclusion, Himor hydraulic cargo lift can be installed both interior and exterior, and we only need to pay attention to some differences and make sure the lift is protected safely for goods and workers. Before install your hydraulic goods lift, please contact with Himor Lift sales team via [email protected]. Tell us your site space, lifting height required, and capacity needed then we can make a free design for your lift solution. After discussion, then we can start the project with design and production. Also when you install the lift, Himor team will give you installation manual with all details to help with. Or talk to our online service whatsapp +86 13026586831 to get instant reply for goods lift issues.

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