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Car lift platform is hydraulic system car lifting equipment for garages. With hydraulic system, 4 posts and steel structure, its application is for both industrial and residential car and truck lifting between floors. Himor designs indoor and outdoor fixed car lift for home, garage, warehouse, plants, and mezzanine etc. 2D or 3D lift drawing will be available for clients to confirm the finalized car lifting platform design. Other questions, please refer to the FAQs on the page bottom.

car lift platform
  • Lifting height: 2m-24m(multi-floors)
  • Capacity: 1000kg-100ton customized
  • Platform size: Noramlly 2500mm*5500mm customized
  • Posts: 4 lead rails
  • Installation: both indoor and outdoor
  • System: Hydraulic
  • Control: PLC Control
  • All sizes customization.
  • Prices: from USD2,000~USD30,000. Depending on sizes.

4 post Car Lift Platform Projects and Reference Models

car lift platform
car lift platform
home car elevator
car lift platform
Lifting Height
Platform Size
HCLP 2.5-3
1 floor lifting
HCLP 3-3.5
1 floor lifting
HCLP 2.5-5
2 floors lifting
HCLP 3-10
3 floors lifting
Other height, capacity, platform size can be customized as per your request.

What We Do To Make Qualified Hydraulic Car Lift Platform

  • Heavy duty thick steel tubes and plates material
  • Anti-skid platform with guardrails
  • Double plate chain
  • Steel rope for safety
  • PLC control system
  • Anti-drop device
  • Waterproof dual controls on each floor
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Emergency stop button
  • Low maintenance charge
car lift platform 4 posts
car lift platform
car lift platform
car lift platform
scissor dock lift controller
car lift platform

4 post Car Lift Platform Working video

After Service Support

3 years warranty for steel structure material, apart from man made faults.​
12 months warranty for electric & hydraulic system.
7*12 hours online/telephone/email technical consultation.
Lifetime free technical consultation.
Free spare parts for one years period.
Shipping arrangement

Frequently Asked Question

It is not so complicated. We will provide detailed installation video for you to follow.

Yes, it is free standing and if you do not have a shaft, it can be fixed with wall, floor and ground.

Please leave message to us including lifting height, platform size and capacity you need.

After knowing the lifting height, platform size and capacity you need, we will make design and start order with you. Himor also can arrange shipment to your nearest sea port. 

We accept T/T, Paypal, Credit card, and L/C payment methods.

  1. Enclosure. We produce wire mesh or color steel tile for the lift enclosure.
  2. Landing doors. We can adopt roller shutter doors for the lift access.
  1. Himor provides 3 years warranty fot the lift structure and 1 year warranty for electrical components.
  2. Himor provids detailed installation manual and user manual for each lift. We also help with installation by online assistance.
  3. We also provide whole life time free consult for the lift issue.

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