7 Hydraulic cargo lift safety configurations

Hydraulic cargo lift safety configurations


Hydraulic cargo lift is a economic choice which can replace gear motor elevator. Himor owns more than twenty years experience of hydraulic lifts design and manufacturing. When we produce a qualified hydraulic cargo lift, the first important factor is SAFETY. Let us show you how we apply 7 safety configurations on hydraulic cargo lifts.


  1. Qualified steel material for lift structure

Steel material we use are from 100#-400# H type manganese steel. Depending on the capacity and size, we use steel material that can carry 125% capacity clients want.


  1. Strong performance steel leaf chains and steel ropes for lifting safety.

Chains and ropes are important for platform lifting and stable during operation. We will fix the chains and ropes before delivery, that can help customers save some installation cost.


  1. Hydraulic system with safety valves

Safety valves in hydraulic system insure the lift is more safe and stable. Unlike gear motor, the hydraulic system is less maintenance and durable for more than ten years.


  1. Interlocks between doors and lift

Only when the doors on platform and safety encloser are all closed, the lift can lift up and down.


  1. Emergency stop button

Press emergency stop when you meet any emergency.


  1. Manual down when power off

When electricity power off, please use manual down device to lower down the platform.This is both designed for safety and convenient operation.


  1. Anti-drop device

Himor apply anti-drop device to our hydraulic cargo lift. In some cases, if the chain and rope are both broken suddenly, the device will work and protect the platform from falling down suddenly.


After you finish installation of the lift, please check around all the safety measurements and make sure all are full equipped before operation. Himor will be always around no matter what issues you meet, and help to fix it. Contact us to get more import information for the hydraulic cargo lifts production, sale, and after-sale etc.


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