Is there any cheap hydraulic small cargo lift?

Are you looking for some cheap small cargo lift to lift cargo or pallets? As manufacturer in hydraulic lifts, we design and produce all kinds of hydraulic lifts, including small hydraulic cargo lifts.


How to calculate the small cargo lift price?

There are four factors that influence a small freight elevator’s price.

Firstly, lifting height. We design the lift according to how many meters or feet does customer needs it to travel. For example, the price is differently between one floor lifting and two floor lifting.

Secondly, platform size. Because the cargo sizes are differently between customers, so the lift platform sizes are different also. We need to make the platform size as per customer’s request or the site situation. If the lift is in a shaft, then we calculate the platform size according to the shaft size. Also sizes influence the lift price.

Thirdly, platform capacity. Something like the platform size, we customize different capacities for different customers. From 100kg to 100ton, we all produced them before.

Fourthly, other optional configurations. Such as wire mesh around lift, silent motor, different materials etc.


In general, the four factors can influence the lift price. And we can get that if the lifting height, platform size and capacity are small, then the lift price is very low.


Cheap price does not equal to bad quality, because we still use same steps to handle the materials and produce a qualified hydraulic cargo lift. If one floor lifting and small capacity lifts, our prices are between 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars only. This lift can serve for more than 10 years and need few maintenance jobs.


Tell us what height, platform size and capacity do you need to carry the cargo, our team will make design and help you to own a cheap small cargo lift.


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