How Much Does a Car Turntable Cost?

Car turntable cost is a frequent question comes from friends who need a easy solution for car rotary. If you are worried about vehicle rotary problems, this article can give an answer.

Are you looking for rotating platform for auto show in exhibition or car shops? Or are you looking for turntables in your driveway? Are you looking for rotating table in your home yard or garage? First thing is to stop worrying. We will list the factors in this article.

car turntable cost
car turntable cost

What is car turntable?

Car turntables are also named as vehicle turntable, parking turntable, rotating turntable, etc. Its function is to rotate the cars in 360 degree without limit. People can install the turntable in various environments, for example home yard, garage, car show, car shop, and other driveways. If you want to move the car turntable to other positions after, no problem.

First part makes up car turntable cost

 In order to get better understanding about its cost, lets get to know its structure firstly. A whole car turntable structure includes basement structure, rotary pulleys, rotating center bearings, upper structure, top platform, electric motor, electric cabinet and controllers. These are the turntables’ material components.

Second part makes up car turntable cost

A car turntable’s production process includes 3 main steps. First step is making design and production drawing by our engineer team. Second step is material handling like steel tube cutting, shot blasting, welding, electrophoresis. Third step is to make electric system of the turntable. Fourth step is to assemble the product in our workshop. Last step is to do final test by no-load test and loading test.

Third part makes up car turntable cost

The last part is packing and delivery. We will separate the rotary turntables after testing in our workshop, and pack them into plywood cases one by one. Delivery costs are inland delivery cost, port charges and sea shipment cost.

Last part makes up car turntable cost

Last but important charge is warranty cost. We provide 2 years structure warranty and 1 year electric system warranty. Some brands cheaper costs may do not include after-sales service, please be careful about this issue. It will be a big problem if you purchase a product without after-sales service. Besides the warranty service, we also provide lifetime free consulting about all questions come from the product.


Finish reading above factors, you may worried about the high cost for the product. Although the product is complicated from production to client’s hand, we only charge few for it. For normal size and capacity turntables, they only cost around us dollars 4,000-6,000. If bigger size and capacity, the costs may raise some. Also there will be extra cost if the platform needs other decoration materials to cover.

Do you need to customize this turntable for yourself use? Come to Himor team to get the design and quotation. Are you a dealer for car turntables? Come to Himor team to cooperate with us. Price will be lower if you are regular purchase agent or buy more than 5 units at one time. Read Himor car turntable details from our product page here >>CAR TURNTABLE


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