Scissor goods lift types

Scissor goods lift introduction:

Scissor goods lift is scissor structured hydraulic goods lift. According to it’s different usage, we can make it to be many types. Below are the introductions of these types.

Firstly, scissor dock lift type.

When the table lifting height is small, and use the lift for loading cargo between docks and trucks, then we design the lift to be one layer type small scissor dock lift. Mostly, it’s table size is also small.

Secondly, multi-scissors type.

When the table lifting height is higher, like 2-5 meters, then we need to design the scissor lift to be multi-scissors type. The scissor layers are determined by the height and table size.

Thirdly, big table scissor lift platform.

When the lift needs to carry big size goods or cars, then we need to design the lift to be big platform size. The biggest platform size we ever designed is 18 meter long and 3 meter wide. We can see 5.5 meter by 3 meter platform are more often used for car lifting.

Fourthly, low-profile scissor lift table.

In some industrial places, people may ask for pit-free scissor lift tables. Then we can design low-profile scissor lift table for customers. These type lifts are popular in workshops, warehouses, and production lines etc.

Finally, we also can design other types scissor lift tables according to client’s different requests. Such as adding skirts around the lift, adding wire meshes around the lift, adding double decks on the top of the lift tables.

Your lifting solutions are our major jobs. Just let us know what table size, capacity, lifting height you need, we will give you a best design and produce it under the design. Please contact with our sales department [email protected] to get more detailed information regarding scissor goods lifts. Also we welcome partners all around the world, that can resale or install hydraulic lift tables in your locals.

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