cargo lift

Lead rail type Cargo Lift Platform

Customization All Sizes

Free standing structure

Scissor type Cargo Lift Table

Customization All Sizes

Heavy duty capacity design

4 post type Car Lift Platform

Customization All Platform Sizes

Multi-floors lifting

Big platform Car Lift Table

Customization All Sizes

Double deck available

Indoor&outdoor Wheelchair Lift

Soundless Hydraulic Motor 

Easy access with ramps

Full cabin Vertical Platform Lift

1m to 15m travel height

Both indoor and outdoor

Push around one man lift

Self propelled mast lift

360 degree rotation

Trailer boom lift

Towable scissor lift 

Self propelled lift


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20 years' Hydraulic Lift design and production experience

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What We Do To Make Qualified Hydraulic Lift Tables?

Customization service with 2D&3D drawings.

High precision machine production line in workshops.

Cargo scissor lift is hydraulic scissor lift table for cargo or goods lifting. This equipment includes the scissor structure, bottom base, top …

Cheap small goods lift elevator here we are referring to hydraulic system lift platform for goods or cargo. To distinguish from heavy …

After more than 20 years of development in the lift industry, Himor Lift becomes one of the best lift equipment suppliers in …

Do you have a house or villa of 2 or 3 floors? Do you want to install a small home lift in …

Industrial goods lift here we refer to hydraulic goods lift, which is more and more popular because of economic and easy maintenance …

Hydraulic cargo elevator lift is vertical lead rail type lift platform for cargo, pallets and cars lifting. It consists of steel lead …

Himor towable boom lift for tree work is a qualified and popular aerial lift. Aerial working platform’s operation principle is complicated than …

Speaking with elevator or lift, there are wall mounted hydraulic cargo lift elevator and passenger lift people often use. How to distinguish …

Cargo lift platform is vertical lead rail type lift platform for cargo lifting only. It’s main structure is lead rails, platform and …

Hydraulic truck loading bay scissor dock lift is one smaller type of hydraulic scissor lift tables. Because the loading bay and truck …

In some cases, customers need to install the hydraulic cargo freight lift elevator outside of the building, Himor hydraulic lifts can realize …

With brilliant features like wall-mounted installation, water proof cabinet, and durable steel structure, we can install Himor hydraulic goods lift outdoor. As …


We have some partners abroad, please consult with himor team if you need any help regarding importing, installation, after-sales.

Himor Lift Platform Clients Say

Alex from America

“I’ve been looking for a hydraulic goods lifts for my warehouse, and solved lifting problem for me in a economic way after meet Himor lift. Thanks you guys. I will introduce you to more friends.”

Fred from the Philippines

“You are the best service team i’ve met during 16 years trading with China. We would like to promote more hydraulic lift projects with you.”

Grace from Australia

“We have some requests of lifting to up stairs in our house, and thanks to your platform lift, now we can easily up and down. Also what we got is far more than what spent. ”

Anna from France

“We installed a Himor brand wheelchair lift for my grandparents last year, which helped them a lot to lift upstairs. Some neighbors also like that lift and we introduced them to Himor.”

Manuela from Italy

“Himor provides us good quality trailer boom lifts for our outdoor painting business. Great performance of the lift, and it is so durable.”

Tony from the UK

“Happy to get one man lift from Himor Lift. And happy to work with you people. The lifts work good for these 3 years. Hope can work with you more in the next orders.”


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