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Forklift ramp is a kind of movable handling equipment. We also name it as yard ramp. Since the height of a general truck or shipping container is about 1.5 meters, a movable forklift ramp is needed to raise the forklift and move the goods into the container. In order to make the slope have a certain safety angle, the length of the mobile boarding bridge is generally 11 meters to 12 meters. The lifting height can reach 1.1m to 1.7m. Whether the mobile boarding bridge is strong or not depends on the steel structure selected during production and the laying of the steel structure. The platform also needs to be covered with patterned steel plates. For details, please refer to the product introduction on this page.

forklift ramp
  • Adjust Height:  1.1m~1.7m
  • Ramp capacity: 5ton-20ton 
  • Platform size: 2000*11000mm
  • Design drawing provided 
  • Hydraulic system
  • Manual lifting up and down
  • Electric controllers for optional
  • Mobile whith wheels 
  • All third-party testing acceptable
  • Loading into container: 3 sets
  • Prices: from USD4,000~USD8,000. Depending on capacities.

Forklift Ramp Projects and Reference Models

forklift ramp
china forklift ramp
cheap forklift ramp
cheap forklift ramp
cheap forklift ramp

Himor produces standard models of forklift ramps like below shows. Clients can choose from below model table. 

Ramp dimension
Adjust range
Height Adjust
Manual or Electric
Manual or Electric
Manual or Electric
We design oher height, capacity, and platform size as per your request.

Why we produces better quality Mobile Forklift Ramp

* Choosing high strength manganese steel as support structure and platform.

* Doing shot blasting and rust removal process for the steel surface. This step will help the surface of the device remain painted for a long time.

* Doing spray plastic painting onto machine surface instead of normal painting.

forklift ramp structure
Power unit(Cylinder and Motor)
forklift ramp platform
Maintenance Bar
forklift ramp tire blocking
Control Box
forklift ramp chain
Junk Lip
forklift ramp tail board
Final Test
forklift ramp legs
Adjustable Legs
forklift ramp electric
Electric power for option

Forklift Ramp Working video

After Service Support

12 months warranty after equipment is received, apart from man made faults.
Abroad projects or customers for reference.
7*12 hours online/telephone/email technical consultation.
Lifetime free technical consultation.
Free spare parts for one years period.
Shipping arrangement

Mobile Yard Loading Ramp for forklift are in stock now

Small Portable Forklift Container Ramp

We also produce and customize small portable forklift container ramps like below. Cpacity from 5ton to 10ton, and movable by forklifts. We also customize folding ramps and other shapes ramps.

container ramp
container ramp
container ramp
container ramp

Himor Dock Leveler FAQ

You can buy forklift ramp from China Himor Lift. We produce and deliver the forklift ramps to other countries by sea. The most  important reason is that we sell qualified container ramps with cheap prices. One container can load 3 sets ramps. If you purchase more ramps in an order, you will save much more delivery cost.

After working, people can move the yard ramp by forklifts or trailers. Firstly, pack up the legs under the ramp. And then move away by the forklift or trailer. There is traction hole in the tail of the ramps.

Standard way to lift up the ramp is by manual adjusting. There is a manual adjusting bar under platform, when you need to adjust, take it down and put it into the valve. After manual movement up and down, the platform will lift up.

The second choice is to use electric power unit, which is optional device. After adding electric power pump station and control cabinet, people only needs to press the control button to lift up the yard ramp. Also only need to press the button to release the ramp and let it down.

  1. The basic price of mobile loading ramp is between us dollars 3000 and 8000. Its price depends on its load. More ramps you buy, the lower price you can get. Also we are looking for all types lifts and ramps agents all over the world.

  1. Fix in pit type dock leveler. We fix them into the dock pits and capacity from 5ton to 15ton.
  2. Small container ramp to put outside the container for forklift go into the container easily.

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