Cargo lift with hydraulic system for long time usage

Cargo lift with hydraulic system

Cargo lift can be equipped with hydraulic system, which will work for more than 10 or 20 years. In this article, we will introduce this type lift in details.


Standard configuration:

  1. Hydraulic system
  2. High strength steel structure
  3. Steel ropes
  4. Double plate chains
  5. High pressure oil leakage prevention cylinders
  6. Interlock system for safety working


cargo lift


Hydraulic cargo lift Optional configuration:

  1. Safety wire mesh around lift, or only on flooring.
  2. Cabin material: steel, stainless steel
  3. Doors on wire mesh: manual open doors, automatic up and down doors, or electric roller shutter doors.
  4. Color: blue, gray, yellow, black


Each lift is customized according to customer’s site. Himor provides detailed service for this customization and provides free solution for each customer. We have customized and exported the hydraulic cargo lifts for customers from Europe, America, Africa, Asia etc. Welcome to be our agent in your local!