How does a push around vertical mast lift for sale work?

Vertical mast lift for sale is one of Himor’s featured product for aerial working. It is push around single man lift with compact structure and light weight. The workers can push around it easily and take it away by a car or truck. With back wheels, people can load it into the trucks by one person. Standard power for this lift is electric AC power. Optional choice is DC power of both AC and DC power. There are two controllers to operate the lift, one is on ground the other is on platform. We produce such man lifts heights from 6m to 16m. You can check with details from this product page:>> Vertical Mast Lift

vertical mast lift for sale
vertical mast lift for sale

How does this type vertical man lift work?

  1. Push the vertical single man lift into right position for aerial working. The ground should be flat and concreted. This lift needs to work indoor or in windless environment.
  2. Take out the four outriggers from the outrigger pocket. Himor’s lift outriggers are made from aluminum alloy tubes which is strong enough for supporting jobs. Insert the four outriggers into the lift bottom pockets. There are interlocks for all outriggers. Only when they are inserted correctly, the lift can lift up. People can check according to the indicators on general control box.
  3. The worker can open the bottom controller general power switch and go onto platform now, and tie the safety belt onto platform. Also ware safety helmet.
  4. Press the control panel up and anti-misoperation button at same time to lift up. This is one of our safety design. In case some misoperation happen when press up or down, people needs to press two buttons at one time.
  5. During aerial work, should follow Himor’s operation manual and avoid dangerous from top obstacles or electricity lines.
  6. After work, the worker press down button and anti-misoperation button to lower down to the ground. And then put the outriggers back into their pocket. Do not forget to turn off the power switch.
  7. If you want to move it to other places, load it into truck by the back wheels.

How much does a push around vertical mast lift for sale cost?

This type push around vertical mast lifts are differently by it’s height and capacity. Single mast lifts are cheaper than double mast lifts. Normally their costs are from us dollars 2000 to 8000. Please consult with our sales department for latest prices. Also we provide agent policy to dealers who want to sell in their local markets.

Do you have other self movement vertical lifts?

Yes, Himor also produces self movement lifts(self propelled) like self drive mast lift and self drive scissor lift. Please move to those product pages to review the details. If you need quick movement and work among some storage racks, they will be more helpful.

vertical mast lift for sale
vertical mast lift for sale