small goods lift

Small goods lift and heavy duty goods lift differences.

Small goods lift is hydraulic system lift platform for goods lifting between different heights. Normally we install them in warehouse, store, workshop, mezzanine and dock etc. When we call it “small”, it means capacity is lower than 1000kg, and platform size is smaller than 2000*2000mm. Most clients use 500kg small goods lift platforms for their shops or floors. Also we will see the lead rails are only single side posts. If customer requests bigger sizes, then the lead rails will be double group. Now we are listing the basic differences between small lifts and heavy goods lifts. Please read from below article.

Heavy duty goods lift is bigger size or capacity hydraulic lift platform. We also name it hydraulic cargo elevator, or freight lift. They are also sutable for goods or cargo lifting between mezzanines and floors. When we say heavy duty, we means the capacity is more than 1000kg. Regular capacities we deisgn are 1000kg to 10ton according to customers’ requests. 

5 differences between small goods lift and normal hydraulic goods lifts:

  1. Single mast goods lift is more suitable for narrow places. Different from normal heavy duty goods lifts, this small cargo lift is only equipped with one cylinder and one side lead rails to fit the narrow installation site. Its installation space is 200-400mm smaller than 4 posts heavy goods lifts. Usually, this small lift is single pallet mezzanine floor lift. If heavy cargo lift platform, it can carry more pallets or goods carring by forklift.
  2. The cost of small goods lift is fewer. After discussing about the customer’s request, if the requirements can be designed to mini goods lifts, then we will suggest customer to accept this economical design.
  3. Installation is easier. People only need to vertical one side structure during installation and do not need to do much adjustment job. If the site is not suitable for pit installation, then we can fix the lift onto concreted ground directly. And it becomes pit-free hydraulic small lift platform for goods only. Meanwhile, if you need to load pallets, then we can put a ramp aside the lift platform for easier access. So it is a durable and low-cost substitute of small goods elevator.
  4. Small lift for goods can realize three sides access for goods and pallets. Because there are only one side steel structure, so the access is more flexible than heavy duty goods lifts.
  5. It requires mini packing size for sea freight delivery. As now the shipping price keeps raising day by day, smaller packing size will help clients save much costs. Most heavy duty freight lifts are loading into full container for sea delivery. Ans such small lift platform for goods only need plywood case package.

How to know you need a small freight elevators or heavy goods lift?

  1. Do calculate of the goods weight, and packages you want to carry each time. If you use a pallet or forklift to carry them, you need to add the pallet or forklift weight. This step determines what capacity the lift needs to carry. For example, your regular load capacity requirement is 800kg, then it is better to order a lift with 1000kg capacity.
  2. Do calculate of the goods packing dimension. This determines the platform size you need. Himor’s design range are platform size from 1m to 10m.
  3. Do measurement of the lifting height, which is from ground to the last floor ground you want to reach. This step determines the platform travel height. Himor’s design range for lifting height is from 1m to 30m.
  4. Finally, to check with the installation site situation. If the site space is limited, or in a shaft. Then need to do measurement of the installation space and tell Himor team to make design accordingly. Himor will require site photos and dimensions to make lift design.

After these 4 steps, we will get a clear design of the lift. And you will know from Himor which model is the best choice for you.

Now himor small cargo lifts are on sale. To get quickest quotation for small goods lifts, please contact our sales directly. email: [email protected] or whatsapp+8613026586831. We also have some reliable partners in other countries, please do contact us if you need any hydraulic lifts importation or installation requests. We or our partners will all standby to help. Visit us on HIMOR FACEBOOK.