Himor 2 stops and 3 stops outdoor porch lift for homes

Do you have a house or villa of 2 or 3 floors? Do you want to install a small home lift in the porch for easy access? Among various types elevators, we recommend you a economic and simple full cabin outdoor porch lift from Himor. As porch elevator lift, we design the lift with full safety devices and some easy operation devices. Our design point is for customers to have a safer and more convenient use experience. First of all, please review the operation video of this lift. And then read the reasons one by one.

Himor outdoor porch lift for homes operation video

Important features of Himor outdoor porch lift

Full cabin design

This lift is a upgrade design of vertical platform lift or VPL elevator we name it. We added full cabin and other accessories on to the platform to protect the passengers from the rain and wind.

  1. Glass cabin or aluminum alloy plate cabin for different request.
  2. Folding doors on each access direction. Door opening choices are front opening, 180 degree get through opening and 90 degree right angle opening.
  3. Lighting system. The lights automatically lights up when people enters in.

Easy operation and maintenance

  1. There are 3 operation devices of the porch lift. Remote control, inside control panel, and outside control column. All doors and controllers heights are suitable for people sitting in wheelchair.

2. Because the lift is hydraulic system, it’s maintenance is mainly changing hydraulic oil, checking oil tubes and other connection parts, and other fix parts maintenance.

Customization available

  1. Cabin size customization. The standard size of the lift cabin is 1430*1000*2000mm. If the site is limited, we can customize according to the site situation to make the cabin fit the space. For example, if the site space is only 1 meter by 1 meter, then we can make a small cabin size like 950mm*750mm. Some clients install the lift inside the stairs space. No matter how small it is, we will try our best to make the design.

2. Voltage customization

The lift needs electric input with 1 phase. We customize all electric voltages according to the sites.

3. Lifting height customization

This type lift height is 15 meter maximum. Just tell us how many stops you need and the exact stops heights, we will fix the switches in the right position.

4. Color customization

Himor lift’s standard color is white. If you want the lift to match with your house, we can customize the color for you. The colors we customized before are black, brown, and yellow.

Important safety measurements of Himor porch lifts for homes

1.Safety sensor under cabin

When the cabin bottom touches any obstacle, the sensor will let the cabin down immediately. This device protects people especially children who stands under the cabin from been hurt.

2. Interlocks in the doors

There are interlocks in all the doors of the lift, cabin doors and landing doors. Only when the doors are closed, people can operate the cabin go up and down.

3. Chain break protection measurement

Himor uses leaf chain for strong holding of the cabin. In some extreme cases, if the chain broke, the cabin will be hold on and do not drop down suddenly.

4. Speed smooth measurement.

People in the cabin will have a best experience of lifting up and down smoothly. We added speed adjusting switches to make sure the cabin goes up and down not suddenly.

5. Emergency manual down button

If you meet electricity power cut, you can release down the cabin by a valve outside the drive tower.

Easy installation of Himor vertical platform lift

Installation is always a frequent ask question, because that people are less of experience. Himor gives best customer care for the installation in below points.

1.Fix the electric wires in advance.

We fix all the electric wires, hydraulic system tubes, and limit switches before deliver out the lift. If some wires need to be cut down before deliver, we will make plugs and mark on them for customer to match in site.

2. Insert type drive tower.

For shipment request, we need to cut down some parts of the drive tower for smaller packing size. So we make steel structure inside the drive tower. When customer receives the lift, only need to insert the drive tower and fix by bolts.

3. Easy cabin assemble

The lift cabin is fixed by bolts also. People can match and fix the cabin easily.

4. Final fix work following installation manual.

The last step is to fix the drive tower with ground and walls. Himor provides detailed installation manual with user manual for all lifts. By following the manuals, you can do fix jobs easily. Also you will find fix assist parts like steel tubes, fixing angles, and bolts etc.

Last reason to Himor outdoor porch lift for homes.

  1. After reading above important factors, you may wonder how much it costs? Some traction motor or other motor elevators may cost 20,000 us dollars. And you need to build a glass shaft for that elevator, and then the costs need to double. Himor small home lifts are only thousands dollars according to different heights. Even it is for 3 floors, the price is less than 10,000 us dollars. You will use less cost to build a safe home elevator. It is enough for a small house lifting request.
  2. Himor brand lifts only need 2-4 people to do installation and less maintenance jobs request. This will also help customers save labor costs a lot.

Write in the end, if you concern about shipment.

After production, the lift needs to deliver out by sea. If you do not have shipment idea, Himor provides sea shipment assistance for all clients. We have cooperated shipment teams deliver the lifts from China to other countries abroad. We also pay for the sea shipment insurance for the lifts.

Himor gives customer care methods of all vertical lift elevators design, produce, deliver and installation. Himor provides lift structure warranty for 2 years after you receive the lift. And the hydraulic-electric system warranty for one year. Also you will get life time lift consultation for free. If you are clear of what you need now, contact us. Himor team will reply you soon with best lifting solution.

More details, please read our product page from here: VERTICAL PLATFORM LIFT>>>


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