2 types industrial goods lift from Himor lift 2022

Industrial goods lift here we refer to hydraulic goods lift, which is more and more popular because of economic and easy maintenance feature. Himor produces two types hydraulic goods lifts for industry application.They are vertical cargo lift and scissor lift table. Depending on which lift platform you use and the heights, you can choose one type.

First type industrial goods lift—Vertical cargo lift

This lift consists of vertical steel lead rails, platform cage, chains, wire ropes, and hydraulic system. This lift can read mostly 7 floors. And we can install it both indoor and outdoor. Also we call the lift as wall mounted goods lift, because it needs to fix with wall and ground. This type goods lift is more flexible and widely applied in many fields.

Second type —Scissor lift table

This is a hydraulic lift table with scissors structure. We can install the scissor lift tables in plants, warehouses, workshops, car shops and outside places etc. If your request for a lift table is small capacity with small lifting height, it is a good choice. Also if you need to lift a car from basement to ground floor, it is also available. We design all sizes and capacities for you.

How to decided which type goods lift is more suitable?

  1. Decide by lifting height.

In most conditions, if the platform lifting height is lower like under 3m, scissor goods lift is better. Otherwise we suggest to choose lead rail type, which will be economic solution. Mostly the scissor lift tables are using like loading dock lift for truck loading. People sometime install the lift table as loading bay outside the warehouse. As for the vertical lead rail lift, we can make it reach around 7 floors if you need. As long as the installation condition is available, you can use this lift for pallet lifting, goods lifting or truck lifting.

  • Decide by platform size.

If platform size is too big like more than 5m, we suggest to choose scissor lift table type. Some people use hydraulic scissor lift able for car elevator. Then the platform size is likely 5.5m or even more. And also capacity is more than 3ton.

  • Decide by site foundation situation

If there is no way to make a pit on the site, and the lifting height is more than 1 meter, then we suggest to use vertical cargo lift. Because the scissor lift table has a self height usually more than 500mm. If there is no pit, it will be difficulty for people to load pallets.

  • Decide by the function.

If you need many units lifts to do some work like a assembly line in workshop, then you can choose scissor lift tables. We have designed many cases of assembly line work table, please contact us to get more idea.

In a word, the quickest way to choose right lift is to discuss with our sales team. W e are available all days and will give you best suggestion. Himor is experienced hydraulic lifts manufacturer for more than 22 years in China. All customers gave us best feedback over all lifts we produced.