Himor Lift, One of the best Lift equipment suppliers in China

After more than 20 years of development in the lift industry, Himor Lift becomes one of the best lift equipment suppliers in China. We are manufacturer for goods lift, scissor lifts, wheelchair lifts, and man lifts. Our products have won the favor of customers in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. After being strictly tested by all customers, we become more and more experienced in hydraulic lift equipment production. So, we list the reasons from the below points of view.

A. Large lift equipment products range

B. 22 years of design, production, and export experience

C. Best quality control system

D. Customer care service

Large lift equipment products range

In many different roles, we are manufacturers of different products. Himor Lifts’ application range covers goods lifting, man lifting, car lifting, and wheelchair lifting. Below are our standard products types.

  1. Goods lift manufacturer. Products are vertical cargo lift platforms and fixed scissor lift tables. Their features are customization, heavy-duty, economic cost, and durability. We will evaluate your site and give you professional suggestions for lift design and installation. All options related to goods lifts, we can realize for you.

2. Platform lifts manufacturer. Products are half cabin wheelchair lift and full cabin vertical platform lift. Their features are economic cost, durability, small size, and safety. They are a great value alternative to small home elevators. You can install the interior and exterior of your house.

3. Car elevator manufacturer. Products are 4 posts type car lift platform and scissor car lift table. Their features are heavy-duty, customization, and all heights design. You can install them in your basement or garage to deliver the cars to up floors.

4. Man lift manufacturer. Products are vertical mast one man lift, mobile scissor lift, drivable scissor lift, and self-propelled electric scissor lift. They can meet all man lift requests for aerial working. People can choose from different points of view like economics, heights, movement, and capacity, etc.

5.Loading ramps manufacturer. Products are fixed dock leveler, mobile yard ramp, and small forklift container ramp. These 3 loading ramps provide all requests for ramps for warehouse, container, forklift, and truck loading.

22 years of design, production, and export experience

Design experience&customization ability

Himor brand standard lifts are with our featured design. Customers can tell from the lifts’ appearances and when operating them. Himor’s other brilliant ability is customization ability. We customize goods lifts according to each customer’s request, no matter it is heavy duty or large size. What’s important is that we do not charge any cost for special customization work. After discussion, we will present the designs with 2D or 3D drawings to clients. This is also a best feature of lift equipment suppliers.

Production experience

From the year 2000, we started to produce hydraulic lifts in our first workshop. At the very beginning, we produce hydraulic cargo lift and scissor lift tables. As productivity increased, we developed additional product lines like vertical platform lifts, aerial lifts, and loading ramps. And becomes one of the best lift equipment suppliers in China. Until now, we own 3 workshops to produce all types lift equipment, and 4 warehouses to store the lifts. All the lifts wait for delivery in the warehouses after production.

Export experience

Himor machinery is a qualified export company in China’s custom system. We can apply and provide all export certifications and documents to clients. If clients do not have delivery agents, we also handle sea shipment service very well. We can choose from economic and good service ship company. We have exported to more than 50 countries and areas in the world. You can see many lift projects shown on our website projects page.

Best quality control system

As we all know, a lift production needs under the control of many departments, and then a quality control system is important. Himor’s departments in charge of quality are the R&D department, production department, and quality inspection department. Our multi-department linkage manages product quality. From design to production and inspection, there are special departments to manage, and other departments to supervise and re-inspect. To give customers a more intuitive experience, we will send photos and videos to customers during and after production. People will see the quality of their lifts before delivery and have the right to let us modify them if they are not satisfied.

Customer care service as lift equipment suppliers

  1. Customer demand discovery

Not all clients are familiar with hydraulic lifts, and more than 60% of customers are the first time to buy the lifts. Our sales team will lead clients to make their demands clear and handle to engineers team. After the design, the sales team will discuss it with the clients again and make a final confirmation.

2. Order follow up

We give easy order process of international trading. And our sales team will follow the order from payment to final shipment. Clients only need to follow our instructions to finish, even if they are new to the import process.

3. Detection

All the lifts need final detection after production in Himor workshops. More than 90% of lifts are assembled before delivery. Only after strict detection, the lifts are ready for delivery out. Himor’s 3 departments are in charge of product detection to ensure quality.

4. Packaging and Shipping

Most lift delivery by sea needs more than 10 days. And the sailing weather is bad from time to time. To ensure sea shipment safety, we always make good packing for long way delivery on the sea. Most lifts are packed in plywood cases with steel structures. We also buy sea shipment insurance for the lift delivery.

5. Installation and test

When the lifts arrive at customers’ places, they can start to install and do a test before real operation. Himor service team is standing by during the process. The installation problem that customers are most concerned about is also a problem that we very care about. We prepare all installation instructions, electric diagrams, user manuals, and maintenance manuals documents for customers.

6. After-sale service

Lift platforms warranty is 1 year to 3 years depending on different types. And warranty starts from the time customers receive the lifts. After the standard warranty period, we also provide whole life free consultation and maintenance assistance.


As a conclusion, if you are looking for reliable lift equipment suppliers, the above factors are the most important things you need to consider. They can help you judge whether a company is a qualified supplier. If there aren’t suitable suppliers in your local, you can import from China Himor Lift. Any questions related to lift equipment, you are highly welcome to talk with Himor team. At the same time, we also expect customers to provide us with more feedback, to improve our product quality and service.