hydraulic lift platform

Comparison between hydraulic lift platform and tractor type elevator

Hydraulic lift platform VS tractor type elevator

Is hydraulic lift platform cheaper than tractor type elevator? Do you want to know how to choose from a lift platform and tractor motored elevator? As we all know how tractor motored elevator works, and do you know the advantages of hydraulic lift platform for cargo lifting and pallet lifting? This article will write some issues for you to be more clear.

First of all, hydraulic lift platform(also call it cargo lift platform, goods lift platform or warehouse lift platform) is cheaper.

Definitely the hydraulic lift platform is cheaper than tractor motor type elevators. Sometimes, in same requests, the price of hydraulic lift platform is only a third of passenger elevator. The difference is huge especially you only need to carry up cargo to mezzanine or upper floor.

Secondly, we can customize this cargo lift platform according to various requests. For example 300kg capacity to 100ton, small and big platform sizes, and different lifting heights. This function is more flexible design to elevators.

Thirdly, hydraulic lift platform needs few maintenance jobs.

Some maintenance jobs of hydraulic lifts platform are change hydraulic oil half a year, check the chain, cylinder, steel ropes regularly, and check the control cabinet regularly etc.

In other words, if you need a cheaper solution for pallet lifting equipment or cargo lifting equipment, you can choose hydraulic lift platform to install in your warehouse, workshop, plant, shop, and garage etc.

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hydraulic lift platform
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