What is hydraulic system lift platform?

Definition of hydraulic system lift platform.

Hydraulic system lift platform consists of steel structure, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump station and electric cabinet. It’s main function is to lift up cargo, cars or people.

Lift platform Application.

People use such lift platforms because of it’s easy structure and economic feature. Only thousands dollars costs can give you various solutions for lifting up. No matter cargo, cars, or people. For indoor application, we can use it as cargo lifting or man lifting for maintenance jobs. For outdoor application, we also can use it as cargo lifting or various aerial working requirements.

Working principle.

The lift platform is powered by electric and hydraulic system. When the electric power resource goes into cabinet, the cabinet will give signal to pump station to give power for hydraulic oil going into cylinder through oil tubes. At this time, the cylinder will stretch out and lift the platform by the steel ropes and chains. When decline, the pump station will take back the hydraulic oil, and platform will surely go done when no supporting from cylinder.


Normally we can classify lift platforms into two types by the lift situation when we use it, those are fixed lift platforms and mobile lift platforms. For fixed ones, there are hydraulic cargo lift, scissor lift table, car lifts and vertical platform lift. For mobile ones, there are mast lifts, mobile scissor lifts and other self drive type lifts. According to your different requests, you can choose from these types.


We accept customization of some lift platforms like cargo lift platform, car lift platform, scissor lift table, and vertical platform. As long as we know your request like lifting height, capacity, and sizes then we can make design. 2D or 3D drawings will come out after our design.

Himor team dedicates to design and produce hydraulic lift platforms for years, and our customers come from more than 50 countries all over the world. Welcome to visit us in China and be our partner in your local market.