Warehouse lift project in the Philippines

Warehouse lift Project details

Model: HGL2-3.5

Capacity: 2000kg

Platform clean size: 2000*2000mm

Guard rail height: 1.1m

Platform lifting height: 3.5m

Platform door: 2 pcs wire meth doors

Stops: 3

Headroom height: 3m

Wire mesh: not including

Interlocks: comes with interlocks in platform doors

Color: Dark Blue

Installation place: the Philippines


Above is a warehouse lift project details for one of our customer from the Philippines.


Are you looking for cheaper warehouse lifting equipment? Besides tractor motor type elevator, you can choose from Himor hydraulic lift for warehouse. Normally we call it warehouse lift, or warehouse cargo lift.


What conditions are required for a warehouse to install a hydraulic cargo lift?

Firstly, concreted flooring more than 200mm depth at least. If the capacity is more than 2ton, the depth is much better more than 400mm. It is better that customer can make pit in the site to install the lift.

Secondly, there are some positions for the warehouse lift to fix with. Like ground, walls or floor openings. Himor will provide installation parts for you to do installation fix, like bolts, steel tubes and steel plates.

Lastly, the installation space in site is enough for what sizes you want. Because the lift has its structure, the installation space is bigger than the platform size you need.


Is hydraulic lift platform cheaper than tractor type elevator?

Definitely the hydraulic lift platform is cheaper than tractor motor type elevators. Meanwhile we can customize hydraulic lift platform from 300kg capacity to 100ton, and with various platform sizes. This function is more flexible design to elevators.


Generally speaking, Himor is dedicated to design hydraulic warehouse lifts according to various requests. No matter where are you from and what sizes and capacities you need, we all can help with. Please discuss your lift ideas with our professional sales teams.

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