Trailer mounted spider boom lift for sale deliver to Romania.

Spider lift for sale project

Mode: HBL-16

Standard: CE standard

Max. Platform height: 16 meter (52ft)

Capacity: 200kg

Power resource: AC and diesel power mixed

Platform rotation: 360 degree rotation.

Working status: 4 hydraulic outriggers open

Movement: trailer mounted and manual movement

Delivery: by one 20 feet container


Spider boom lift is a aerial working platform for maintenance, painting, building, cleaning and repair. Himor produces and exports trailer mounted spider boom lift to many countries.


Himor trailer mounted spider boom lift features
  1. Heavy duty steel to be strong booms.
  2. 360 degree rotation. People do not need to rotate back after 365 degree rotation.
  3. LCD control cabinet. Control from ground, we can use LCD control cabinet on the lift body.
  4. Hydraulic outriggers. The outriggers are equipped with hydraulic leveling system. Only when all the 4 outriggers are full open in same level, people can use the lift to high altitude.
  5. Trailer with double braking system. We use both mechanical braking and electrical braking.

spider lift for sale

We have some other optional configurations for the boom lift.

Firstly, self-movement. The lift can walk itself by adding a assist device on the wheels. People only need to control the direction.

Secondly, change the wheels to track. Some customer like track mounted boom lift to walk on more complicated ground.

Thirdly, different power resources. Standard power resource is electric AC power. We also can make it diesel, gasoline or mixed powers.

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How to buy Himor trailer mounted spider boom lift for sale?

The lift price is around USD9000-USD20000, depending on which lift model and what configuration you need. Also dealers in other countries can get lower price in some condition. Himor is open to all customers from different countries. People can deal with Himor directly and we can arrange shipment to your nearest sea port. We also welcome clients to be our partners or resellers in  your local.