Residential car hydraulic lift elevator price


Are you meeting some problems about car lifting in your house? If you want to lift a car from one floor to another, you can find us for help. Our residential car elevator is for your best choice, and we can do customization according to your request.


Car hydraulic lift customization range

  1. Lifting height: up to 20 meter(normally from 1 floor to 5thfloor)
  2. Capacity: 2000kg to 10ton.
  3. Platform size: around 2.5m*5.5m for each lift
  4. Installation environment: both indoor and outdoor
  5. Pit: in-pit type or pit-free type both available


How is the car hydraulic lift price calculated?

Firstly, platform lifting height. Need to know what is the exact lifting height from starting floor to final floor.

Secondly, capacity. Need to know your car weight, or we suggest 3000kg for standard choice. Which is suitable for most cars.

Thirdly, what space you have for the residential car elevator installation. If you will install the residential car elevator in open area, then we will suggest our standard sizes. If you will install the lift in a shaft, we need to know what shaft size you have and then make design.


These three factors influence the car hydraulic lift price. We need to confirm before actual quotation. It is not like parking lifts, Himor customizes car hydraulic lift for each home. After discussing with clients about the requests, we will choose suitable design for the lift and confirm it’s specifications with drawing.


Car hydraulic lift partners call-up.


Now we have some car elevator partners in some countries. And now we are looking for more residential car elevator partners all over the world. If you have ability to do installation or resell, please contact with us to be our partner in your local partner. Please write to [email protected] to discuss the lift projects.

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