Electric hydraulic scissor lift table customization


Hydraulic lift table is one of Himor goods lift type with scissor structure. It’s application is goods lifting, pellet lifting, production line, and car lifting etc.


We design all electric hydraulic scissor lift table sizes, heights and capacities clients need. Table sizes are from 1m to 30m, heights are normally under 5 meter, and capacities are normally lower than 100ton. According your site situation, we customize different electric hydraulic scissor lifts.


Hydraulic lift table requests:

  1. Installation space or floor hole you have.

If you install the lift in open area, then you need to tell us the table size you need. If you install the lift in a shaft or go through a hole, then you need to tell us the shaft or hole size.

  1. Table lifting height

Exact lifting height. If you make a pit on ground, the height will be from ground to the top height. If you do not make pit on ground, please advice before design.

  1. Lift table capacity

The goods weight you want to lift. Normally you can make it bigger than the goods self weight like 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, and 2000kg etc.

  1. Do you need safety encloser or not.

Encloser types are wire mesh encloser, PVC skirt, and other material encloser you need.

  1. Will you make pit for the hydraulic lift table or not.

Because the lift’s self height is around 500mm to 1000mm, so people needs to dig a pit for installation. And then the table surface will be in same level with ground.


Our engineer will finish design within half a day. And our sales team will provide to you the 2D or 3D drawing together with the quotation. We are building more and more electric hydraulic scissor lift table cases in the world. Looking forward to be your partner.