Industrial goods lift Project from Himor Lift


Industrial goods lift is hydraulic goods lift for warehouse, mezzanine, plants and workshops etc. It’s application is both for residential and commercial. Below is a 2ton capacity industrial goods lift project from Himor.


Capacity: 2ton

Platform size: 2m by 2m

Lifting height: 4m

Lift System: Hydraulic

Control mode: Panels on each floor

Installation place: plant mezzanine

Cover: wire mesh cover for optional choice


Himor produces heavy duty vertical goods lift elevator according to customer’s request. We need to confirm main information above to make a best design.



Industrial goods lift elevator is free standing type simple structure lift platform.


If you do not have a concreted or steel framed shaft, you can fix our lift with wall and ground. As long as you fix the lead rails with your walls and make sure they are vertical, the lift will work successfully.

First of all, the ground should be concreted and depth no less than 300mm.

Secondly, the ground should be in same level not tilt at all.

Last but importantly, the lead rails need to be vertical enough.

industrial goods lift
industrial goods lift

What covers can this lift use?

We suggest to use wire mesh covering the whole lift. Also we will make wire mesh doors on each stop and equipped with interlocks to the lift platform. If you need any other types covers and landing doors, please discuss with our team.


Himor provides detailed drawing of the lift and pit, which help customer do installation in site very well. Also you can contact with our team via email or online methods for any installation assistance. We are not only sales team, we are professional lifting solution team. You can find us via email [email protected] or whatsapp +8613026586831. Looking for lift platform partners all over the world to do importation and installation for customers.