home car elevator

Home car elevator 4 post type customization


Home car elevator is hydraulic system car elevator with 4 posts and platform. Himor customize the lift height, capacity and platform size according to customer’s requests. Below is a sample car elevator lift for your reference.


Capacity: 3ton

Platform size: 2.4m by 5.5m

Lifting height: 4m

Lift System: Hydraulic

Control mode:PLC control system and Panels on each floor

Emergency: emergency stop and lowering system

Installation place: home

home car elevator
home car elevator
Home car elevator lift dimension is determined by?

Firstly, you can check by what space you have. Do measurement of the site width and length. Also do measurement of what lifting height you need.

Secondly, if the site is not limited, you can tell us what is your car size, and we will give you a suggested platform size.


Can we install the hydraulic car elevator for homes indoor or outdoor?

For this type vehicle lift platforms, you can install it both indoor and outdoor. If outdoor installation, make a top cover over the platform will be better.


Order process of home car elevator
  1. Confirm your site situation, including installation space, lifting height and capacity you need.
  2. We will quote to you with our design and price.
  3. Negotiation and settle down the design and installation.
  4. Himor will start production after payment.
  5. Himor or customer arrange shipment after production finished.
  6. Customer starts installation after received the lift from port.

Himor team will help with production, shipment and after-sales. We always provide detailed installation instruction for the hydraulic lifts which need installation in site.

Besides 4 post type car elevator, we also produce car lift table with scissor structure. Depending on site situation, you can choose from these two types car elevators. Welcome to visit the product page. Leave your request and contact to us, we will reply you in time.