Full cabin lift platform requires small installation space

Full cabin lift platform requires small installation space


Full cabin lift platform is also known as hydraulic home lift, which insists of cabin, controllers, drive tower and hydraulic soundless motors. There are two types of vertical platform lifts: half cabin and full cabin. Depending on what type you need, we will make design for each customer. Himor Lift has exported small home lifts to Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle east etc. More than 20 countries. Also we have settled Lift Platform agent offices in some countries. Here we would like to introduce it’s biggest feature——small installation space.


  • What lift sizes himor machinery produce?


Himor Machinery produces small hydraulic home lift standard cabin size 1430mm*1000mm*2000mm, which installation space needs 1530mm*1380mm. This size suites for most application sites. For example houses, offices, plants, industrial parks and shops etc.


In some cases, the spaces are limited because narrow spaces, such as in the house or a villa. If customers want to install a lift between the staircases, then the spaces are limited. Himor customizes the full cabin lift in small sizes for free. Even when the space is only 1 meter by 1 meter, we can make the cabin to be around 800mm*520mm, which is okay for one person lifting up and down. What customers need to do is to make the exact measurement of the space. And take photos for us to make the design.


  • More information about full cabin lift platform


Shandong Himor Machinery Co.,Ltd has customized many non-standard sizes lifts for customers all around the world. Both half cabin lifts and full cabin lifts. Mostly because those sites are small or narrow. Welcome to customize your home lift: soundless motor, good looking and strong performance material, capacity 250kg, 3 access ways optional and cabin travel height 1 meter -10 meter. Your site space dimention can determine the cabin sizes. Contact [email protected] to get your lift design and quotation.

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