Cheap heavy duty goods lift elevator for warehouse mezzanine

Heavy duty goods lift elevator is one featured product among Himor’s hydraulic lifts. We design, produce and sell these lifts to clients all over the world. Below is a brief introduction of one project for reference.


Model: HGL5-3.5

System: Hydraulic

Usage: Deliver iron products

Lifting height: 3.5m

Capacity: 5ton

Platform size: 2.5mW*2mD

Platform access direction: front and opposite access

Encloser: Wire mesh 4 sides around

Doors on encloser: Manual open wire mesh doors with interlocks

Special configuration: Anti-drop device

Installation: Pit-free installation

heavy duty goods lift elevator
heavy duty goods lift elevator
What is the foundation request for heavy duty goods lift elevator?

Firstly, the best choice for the foundation is to make a concreted pit, do drainage handling, and reserve some holes for the tubes and electric lines.

In some situation, it is hard to make a concreted pit on ground. As long as the ground is concreted and depth is more than 300mm-400mm, people can fix the heavy duty goods lift on ground directly. Like this project, we can make a ramp for customer to load the pallets onto the platform easily.


Customization range for hydraulic heavy duty goods lift elevator.

In our production history, we have customized goods lift capacity from 200kg to 20ton, lifting height from 2m to 24m, platform size from 1m to 10m. Please collect your request for this lift, and handle design request to Himor engineering team. According to different request, our designs are single side lead rails, double side lead rails or four group lead rails.


How to confirm what capacity do i need for this heavy duty cargo lift elevator?


  1. Because that the lift price is determined by it’s height, capacity and platform size, so we suggest to calculate the goods package and weight firstly.
  2. If the packages or pallets are delivered by forklifts, then we need to add the forklift weight.
  3. To reserve some higher capacity. For example, you want to deliver one pallet at one time, and the pallet is 1500kg, then you can order a lift with capacity 2000kg.


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