Are trailer mounted towable boom lifts safe? (2023)

Talking about boom lifts, there are basically two types of boom lifts, self propelled boom lift and tow behind boom lift. Here we are mainly discussing about trailer mounted towable boom lifts. The structure of this type boom lift is composed of working cage, articulating arm, strong base and outrigger from top to bottom. Running through the top and bottom is the hydraulic control system and hydraulic power unit. So we also name it hydraulic boom lift. We believe that the vast majority of people working at heights have had safety training. There is a higher awareness of self-safety protection. In addition, we want to bring more security to the staff through the safety design of the equipment itself. Read More Details About >>Towable Boom Lift.


Why are Himor towable boom lifts more safe during aerial working?


  1. Strong supportive outriggers.

Himor’s outriggers use manganese steel and hydraulic cylinder inside. Before the lift works, people needs to open the four outriggers by using the controllers on base. When the outriggers are opened, the wheels will leave the ground and no longer provide support. These four outriggers are big and strong enough for the boom reaching out to work.


  1. Horizontal leveling detector.

People should always put the lift onto strong supportive ground, like concreted ground. And also needs to work on horizontal ground. We equip horizontal leveling detector on the base. When the tilt angle exceeds 3 degrees, the device will sound an alarm.


  1. Emergency stop and Emergency decline.


When we meet any dangerous situation during aerial working, we can push the emergency stop button on the controllers(both on the basket and ground). Also we equip balance valves in the lift with emergency decline function. With this, people can lower down the lift by manually when meet emergency or power outage.


  1. Anti-pinch work platform

Our work basket has an anti-pinch design. When the staff stands on the work platform, their hands can safely hold the edge of the work basket, without worrying that their fingers will be caught by the work basket and other structures. This small design is more considering for workers safety.

towable boom lifts
towable boom lifts

Himor towable boom lift is also safe when towing away.

  1. Brake system.

There are both manual brake system and electric brake system. People can contact the electric brake system with their cars in front.

  1. Locks for the structure.

There are manual locks for the basket and arms. During delivery, people can lock them together to prevent from shaking.

  1. Tail lights

We added tail lights for the lift, which needs to connect with the front cars. When the car in front hits the brakes, the taillights come on. Alert the vehicles behind to avoid.

towable boom lifts
towable boom lifts

How to buy safe tow behind boom lift from Himor lift in China?


We do export to all over the world. We already have a lot of experience in dealing with other countries. No matter which country you are from, we can ship this machine to your destination. Himor company can help with you all the import process, please contact us soon for more information. Email: [email protected] whatsapp+8613026586831.