7 differences between hydraulic home lift and passenger elevator

Himor produces hydraulic home lift for clients all over the world. Sometimes clients are confused about hydraulic home lift and passenger elevator. From profession view, here we would like to do some analysis on these two products.

1.Different drive system

Above all, hydraulic home lift’s system is hydraulic system with pump station and hydraulic cylinder. Passenger elevator’s system is tractor machine not hydraulic motor.


The speed of hydraulic home lift is around 6m/min, and the speed of passenger elevator is around 1.5m/s-2.0m/s. That is to say, if you need to lift more than 3 floors, passenger elevator is a better choice.


The hydraulic home lift installation is easy to directly fix on ground and wall. Most parts are assembled well before delivery. Passenger elevator involves with lead rails, cabin and landing doors, which makes installation is complicated and needs professional installation team.


For the hydraulic home lift cabin, certainly people can choose materials from stainless steel and aluminum alloy. For passenger elevator cabin, they use stainless steel.


Hydraulic home lift’s sizes are varies and flexible for the design. We make design according to customers’ sites. Even if the installation is only 1 meter square, we can make a lift to fit it. However, passenger elevators require bigger installation spaces.


The capacity of small home lift is around 200-300kg because if it’s small size. Passenger elevator’s capacity can be around 400kg to 1300kg.

7. Hydraulic home lift cheap Prices

As a result, most differences between these two products are their prices. Small home lift’s price is determined by it’s height and which is around thousands only.Passenger elevator’s price is around 3-10 times higher.


In general, if you need a small lift for only 1-2 person lifting, please choose hydraulic type home lift. This economic choice will help you to spend few money for lifting purpose. So, only give us your site dimension and lifting height, we will give you a free lifting solution for your house. Please write to [email protected] to get more detailed information for small home elevator.

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