How to buy hydraulic cargo elevator lift from Himor Lift 2023

Hydraulic cargo elevator lift is vertical lead rail type lift platform for cargo, pallets and cars lifting. It consists of steel lead rails, steel platform and hydraulic system. As sometime, there isn’t a shaft for such lift, we can install this lift exterior wall mounted. In China, there are some hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturers. To buy from China manufacturer, you need to choose a reliable supplier. Himor produces two types hydraulic goods elevator, those are vertical lead rail type cargo lift and scissor lift tables. You will see the details from our goods lift page. Although buying from abroad is a more complicated process, you can find economic choices.

When you decide to use a hydraulic goods lift you may wonder how to buy from Himor Lift? Lets list one by one.

1. Hydraulic cargo elevator lift specs confirmation.

Discussing with Himor team your detailed request for this goods lift. Like platform travel height, platform available size for goods or pallet, platform capacity. Or if you have other optional requests, we all can realize for you. Mostly people ask for safety enclosure, landing doors, safety sensor, and pump station steel cover box etc. There are two types hydraulic cargo elevator we produce:

Vertical cargo elevator: If you need a lift to be vertical and height more than 3m, we recommend to use our vertical cargo lift type.

Scissor lift table: If you need a big platform size and lower height like 2m, we recommend to you our scissor lift table type. These two types will help with you solving all cargo lifting problems.

2. Lift order process

Place goods lift order to Himor lift. After negotiation and design, clients and himor will reach an agreement of the order. And we will make proposal and invoice to clients. You can follow our invoice instruction and pay to us by T/T. We will start to produce once receive your notice of payment. Sometime it takes 3 days from your side to our side. We have flexible payment methods for client’s choices. People can pay some amount before production and balance after.

3. Hydraulic carogo elevator lift production process and strict quality control system.

Himor produces the hydraulic freight elevators within the agreed time. Himor owns 3 workshops for all hydraulic lifts manufacturing. All of our workers are qualified and trained for best quality hydraulic lift production. We have abandoned the traditional manual production and now use advanced digital production machines. Those machines can make sure the lift parts more precise and durable. Himor owns strict quality control system. Many departments in charge of each production process from material purchase to final testing. Becoming a reliable supplier for customers at home and abroad is our final goal.

4. Final cargo elevator testing jobs

Himor will do lift test and quality acceptance after production. Firstly, we will do all the material testing before production. Secondly, we will do testing for all electric and hydraulic system. Thirdly, we will do final test after production. Including load test and work stability test. All the test photos and videos will be sent to clients for final checking. Some vertical cargo lifts are difficult to install before delivery, and we will make some manuals for clients to follow.

5. Shipping time for the lifts

Himor or client arrange sea shipment for the lift delivery. We have good cooperation with some sea shipment forwarders, which are experienced teams and we can trust. By handling shipment to Himor team, you will save much more time and energy.

6. Installation in clients’ site and testing.

When clients receive the lift, the installation jobs start. Himor makes very detailed installation manual with words and photos for clients to follow with. By following that installation manual, people will install the lift easily. If you want some installation team to help with you, we will also introduce to you some of them. Himor has established some good cooperation with some agents all over the world. They are able to do resell, maintenance, installation and after-service etc.

7. Best after-service for all hydraulic lifts

Himor receives many appreciates from clients because of best after-service.

  1. Parts pre-assemble before delivery. All the electric and hydraulic system parts are marked and plug pair type. Only needs to plug them together when you receive the lift. Even if you are not a electrician, you will plug them together easily.
  2. Detailed installation manual and user manual for all lifting machines. Himor’s manuals list all detailed steps one by one. Clients only need to follow the words and photos instruction.
  3. 1-5 years warranty to lift structure. 1 year warranty to all electric and hydraulic system components. When any parts need to replace, we can deliver to clients by air soon. Fast maintenance service is important to a oversea business.
  4. Life time free consultation regarding any lift questions. No matter what questions you have regarding hydraulic lift platforms, we are always here and free to ask.

Besides lifts for goods only, we also produce lifts for people. Below steps are also suitable for man lifts orders. Please contact with us for more information. Himor team will be your best support of all hydraulic lift platforms. Meanwhile, if you are trading company, welcome to cooperate with us and be our agent at home and abroad.


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