How to install a hydraulic goods lift?

Hydraulic goods lift installation job

1.Prepare job of installation a goods lift.
A.Prepare the tools needed for the installation. Such as welding machine, cutting machine, forklift, hardware tools etc.
B.Prepare the site. If needed, dig a suitable size pit for the lift.
C.Prepare around 3-4 workers to do installation.
D.Check all the lift parts.
E.Read Himor hydraulic goods lift installation manual in detail.

2.Goods lift installation steps
A.Put bottom fix plate under platform
B.Insert one set of leadrail into one side of platform, and make some fix points after it is vertical. Then insert the other leadrail like the previous steps.
C.Fix chains and wire ropes.
D.Fix limit switches at right places.
E.Fix bottom plate onto ground.
F.Connect hydraulic oil tubes and electric lines with pump station.

3.Final test of hydraulic goods lift
A.Put oil into hydraulic oil tank
B.Put mechanical butter into the wheels
C.Lift up and down without any goods. If all works well, then load the goods within it’s capacity.

These steps will be write with more details and photos step by step in Himor installation manual. After order, we will make this manual as per your customized lift.