Exterior wall mounted cargo lift platform OEM

Cargo lift platform is vertical lead rail type lift platform for cargo lifting only. It’s main structure is lead rails, platform and hydraulic system. As sometime, there isn’t a shaft for such lift, we can install this lift exterior wall mounted.

How to insure the safety of exterior cargo lift?

Firstly, we use advanced material handling process for the lift surface. After shot blasting and spray plastic, the material surface becomes durable, waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

Secondly, we adopt waterproof electric cabinet to protect inside electrical components.

Thirdly, we put the whole pump station inside a steel cover box.

In which aspects Himor produces exterior cargo lift platform with different customization requests?

Normal hydraulic lift OEM ranges are platform lifting height, capacity, and platform size.

  1. The lifting height we customize is from 1 meter to 24 meter.
  2. The capacity we customize is from 300kg to 10ton normally.
  3. As for platform size, we customize from 1 meter to 10 meters normally. Also the platform cage sizes can be 2 meters high, or even closed from top.
cargo lift platform

Above are the basic OEM methods of wall mounted exterior cargo lift platforms. From which other aspects can we OEM such lifts for clients? For example, we also customize different outside protection types. The most economic outside protection is steel structured wire mesh cover. We produce 4 sides wire mesh cover with different types of doors on each access direction. Doors types are wire mesh manual open doors, sliding hinged doors, and roller shutter doors etc. We also produce color steel tile protections.

cargo lift platform

All of our three type cargo lifts are for interior and exterior wall mounted installation.

Firstly, small goods lift.

This is small goods lift that capacity lower than 1000kg and normally 500kg only.

Secondly, heavy duty cargo elevator.

This type lift is heavy duty cargo elevator which capacity and sizes are all OEM according to clients’ requests.

Thirdly, freight lift.

This freight lift is hydraulic system ans steel structure free standing and with protection outside. It is a good substitute for freight elevator if you do not have enough budget.

cargo lift platform

Himor does not charge any OEM fee for all customers. As long as you are clear about your cargo lifting request, please let us know and give you detailed solution with design. If you do not know how to install the lift, we also are here for help. We own professional installation team which can guide your installation. Also we have some partners over other countries. If you need help from our partners please also consult with us now. Email [email protected], whatsapp +8613026586831.