Pre-order:Discussion, Design, Confirmation

Pre-order: Discussion, design, confirmation


Discussion about customer request

A.When sales receive customer’s request for lift platforms, they will firstly make clear about the request and site conditions.
B.According previous understanding, sales will recommend the most suitable lift platform to customer.


Design the lifts

A.For standard model lifts, such as mobile scissor lift and one man lift, sales can directly quote to customer the most suitable lift.
B.For customized lifts, such as goods lifts, scissor lift tables, and vertical lift platforms, engineers need to design firstly.
C.Customers and sales will discuss the feasibility of the design.


Confirm the order

A.After discussion, sales will send all the confirmed lift platform drawing, quotation and proforma invoice to customer.
B.After final confirmation and customer payment, previous jobs of this order is done.