Hydraulic lift supplier provides Customer test

As hydraulic lift supplier, Himor only delivers hydraulic lift platforms with best quality. Besides the quality inspection department testing after production, we also provide all testing chance for clients. Here customer test for all hydraulic lift platforms include two aspects. Customer remote inspection and customer on-site inspection.

Hydraulic lift supplier provides Customer remote testing

The sales team is the link between the customer and the company. They will follow up the production progress of the equipment on behalf of the customer. From the day we start hydraulic lifts, sales team will follow the production process and update to customers. From half production stage, final production stage, to finished production stage, sales team will take some photos or videos and send to customers. Customer will also follow the production process and test the quality by the materials they get. That is a effective way for customers check with their lifts before receive them. After seeing the lifts working very well, clients or Himor can arrange shipment immediately.

Hydraulic lift supplier Customer on-site inspection

After receiving the hydraulic lifts, customers will do test in person.

Firstly, to check out whether the package is completed and not damaged.

Secondly, take out the lift and check around with all lift parts to see whether all parts are well assembled.

Thirdly, do some lifting test by no-loading.

Finally, after all tests are well finished, people can lift up by carrying goods or people.

There are some insurance for customers’ on-site inspection. We always purchase sea shipment insurance for all hydraulic lifts. Once there is any package damage after receiving it, clients can call the insurance service immediately. If the lift is damaged after they open the package, insurance company will pay the claim.

We hope that customers are satisfied with our production and service. And that’s what we do. More and more customers introduce our products and services to their friends. We are very grateful.