Hydraulic Lift Material Selection

To produce qualified hydraulic lift, choosing best material becomes the most important process to start. In the statement, we will list how we choose best material for your lifts. If you do not know how to choose hydraulic lift platform manufacturer, this article will be helpful.

What materials do we need during hydraulic lift production?

For goods lift, the materials we need is steel material shaped, hydraulic system, chains, steel ropes, electric components, safety valves, and bolts etc. Goods lifts are vertical fixed hydraulic lifts, which main request is stability and durability.

For man lift,  the materials we need is steel, aluminum alloy, synchronous switches, anti-drop devices, hydraulic system, working lights, and electric components, etc. Man lifts are mobile type lift platform, which main request is safety and stability.

How do we choose the material suppliers?

Choose Top 3 material supplier in China

As a native manufacturer, we know the material suppliers very well. And it is easy for us to choose best suppliers among them. So we can choose from Top 3 material suppliers in China. Along with Chinese economy promotion, more and more materials’ quality is higher than international standard.

Sometime choose abroad famous brand materials

In some man lifts production process, we use abroad brand parts like electric scissor lift motor and towable boom lift trailing bar. This measurement is to meet higher standard request of man lifts.

Return the materials and end cooperation policy

Once we find out the material is defective, we will return all the materials and cut off cooperation relation with that supplier.

Give priority to companies with technological updates for cooperation.

Himor machinery is a company aiming to lead hydraulic lift platform technological updates. And we also would like to give priority to companies with technological updates for cooperation. Best lift platforms deserve best updated materials.

Above contents are main factors of how we choose suppliers of hydraulic lift materials. Other cooperation and questions, kindly contact with our team.