A Hydraulic Goods lift which has worked for a workshop for 5 years

This Himor hydraulic goods lift(capacity 1.5ton, lifting height 4.6m, platform size 2*2m) was installed at a workshop at Tianjin City in the year of 2013. After 5-years work, it still operates well now.

Please follow our instruction:

Like other hydraulic goods lift, it is also customized according to the site. We also name the lift as cargo lift or hydraulic cargo lift.

  1. Customer visited our plant firstly and reviewed our sample in person.
  2. After seeing the sample working and performance, customer discussed with our engineer about their site.
  3. Half day later, our engineer finished all the design and gave the solution to customer. After the contract, we started production immediately.
  4. After 25 days manufacturing process and final test, we finished the whole lift installation. And delivered to Tianjin immediately after customer came again and confirmed the lift quality.
  5. As customer requested installation by our company, our installation team went to the site and finished the installation within 2 days.

Until now, this hydraulic goods lift is still working well, and people only needs to check with some simple issue. Maintenance jobs like change the hydraulic oil, add some mechanical butter, check the chains and ropes etc.

If you need to install a hydraulic warehouse goods lift to deliver goods between floors indoor or outdoor, please do not hesitate to leave message to us with your request. We would like to give you a reply with best solution within 1 working days. Our teams are working online by 5days*24hours. You can contact us via [email protected] or whatsapp: +8613026586831.